10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Teenager

Entering a New Year brings me a look back, look forward, and sometimes a look WAY back.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned through the Voice of God and some allies along the way, that would have accelerated my life at the time for the better. No regrets, only onward! But perhaps it can benefit another. Here’s the list:

 1. Your employment doesn’t have to be your passion.
The simplicity of this wisdom might have saved me from aiming myself at Reiki master, touring musician or art major. While that is meant for the few, my path needed some sturdy work so that I may be free to serve.Then the music can be a simple pleasure!

“Go work in the world. Do not seek a glorious position. Do not ask or demand that the absolute perfect job be given to you because, remember, you are just building the foundation.”   Learn more.

2.  Traditional family and marriage is an option, not a requirement.

If the inner voice within me would have been allowed to be heard, it might have overshadowed the pressure from all angles to become a wife and a mother, starting at a young age.

“The great spiritual leadership in the time to come will be primarily given to women, for this is the Age of the Women. Part of the restructuring of society is for this purpose, and it is happening naturally. Therefore, many women will become true leaders. The disappointment for these women is that they cannot take men with them. These women I speak of who have a true calling to be spiritual leaders, rarely will they be able to take a man with them.”
Learn more of the Age of Women

    3.  Every inappropriate sexual encounter steals your life force. 

What else could that energy have been used for?! Yoda would not be proud.

life force

“When you engage in sexuality with another, you are engaging your physical life force. If this life force is not shared within a meaningful relationship, it will be wasted. If it is wasted, you will lose energy and vitality.” Learn more.

 4.  Honesty is not telling everyone how I feel all of the time.

It’s called discretion, people. God actually talks about it a lot in the New Message!

“Most of what you think of as your need to express yourself is to merely offset your insecurity.”  Learn more.

5. There is life outside of this planet. But it does not play out like Star Wars.

“In this region of space, war is suppressed and outright conquest is not allowed. If a nation wishes to gain advantage and influence in another world, such as in an emerging world like your own, they must use more subtle means and employ other agents to carry out such an intervention.” Learn more about life in the Universe

6. God is for ALL life in the Universe.

This would have blown my Sunday School teacher out of the water, and me. God is not for this world alone! Not just for humans. Placing God in the “he” or “father” context helps keep God small and personal, but this is not the case. Read The One God

7. Knowledge (AKA God’s guidance) has always been available to me.

God is reachable. God is within. No need to go through religious figures, beg for forgiveness, or behave in a certain way to win this great guidance.  Learn more of Knowledge.

8. Even the kindest friends can be weakening.

Through the “Deep Evaluation” process I now know to discern who and what are necessary over who and what looks good. What if I had identified the appropriate friends as a teenager? Perhaps less drama, for starters?

9. Surprise! It’s not all about ME.

What a let down for a 13 year old who gets all her advice from fashion magazines, girlfriends and the occasional new age book. What I do affects others around the world and beyond the world.

“Unlike the physical environment, you cannot spoil the mental environment. It is an environment that is made up of thoughts and groups of thoughts, which are called forces. The mental environment cannot be destroyed, but it can become very polluted. It can become very destructive. Unlike the physical environment, the mental environment knows no boundaries in terms of time and space. For instance, if you have great emotional distress where you are, it affects someone on the other side of the world, and vice versa…. Minds are connected through a very subtle internal network.” Learn more of the Mental Environment.

10. I was sent for a purpose.

Me? Little me?

Your calling in life is very specific. It involves engaging with certain people for specific reasons at certain junctures of your life. The greater purpose that you share with everyone is to keep Knowledge alive in the world and to bring something from your Ancient home into the world.

Learn more of your purpose.

Dear Teenage Self,

You have something that no one can take from you, though there will be many distractions ahead, and many good reasons to give it away. There will be pain and great loss, but you have been sent to do something great, with simplicity and grace by your side. Take great care with the vehicle that is your body and the instrument of your mind, for these house the Greatness that you really are.

(Teenage self rolls eyes but receives words deep within)

Love, Miss Jane 😉


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  1. This is fabulous! I am sharing it with my daughter. Thank you for all these marvelous insights. You are a wonder 🙂

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