5 Things to Know About Returning to God

The 28th anniversary of the pathway of “Steps to Knowledge” comes again this year starting the day of this post, May 26th, 2017. It is said it is equal to any religious or philosophical text to appear on Earth, this revealed text contains 365 “steps” that can enable each person to make the return to God.  But what does this really mean?

There are many pathways in this world, many “ladders” sent down by God, including offshoots of religions created by humans as the original one becomes defracted and re-crafted by humans to fit changing preferences based on fear. You may have found your way in one or another. It may still be sufficient or you now seek change.

The #1 thing to know about Steps to Knowledge, the Book of Inner Knowing, is that we are fortunate enough that it has not yet been altered. Miraculously it was received and miraculously no one has changed it yet! This is because of a small group of people who have taken care to keep it pure. But what an opportunity. The word of God, a direct way. Could this be what is meant by the word “ascension?”

The #2 thing to know is that it is practiced in secret in the Universe. Yes, this book has been translated for use of other planets over time. Someone on another planet right now may be on step #37 with you today. It is said that once intervening forces discovered the freedom it brought the inhabitants of certain planets, it was banished. How long will we be able to practice this “out in the open?” 

The #3 thing to know is that it was received in a 20-day period by Marshall Vian Summers. Look him up! He is known as the Messenger of God for our world, for these things, much as Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus brought vital messages. No audio equipment at that time, however, so we really have something special today. Apparently “Steps” is the direct program of Inner Knowing within this vast set of teachings.

The #4 thing to know is that there is a community of people who practice this on Earth. They are young and old, new to Steps and many-year practitioners. They live around the world. Many connect with each other through the internet and have a lot to say about the transformation of their lives. There is a School built around those who live and study Steps.

The #5 thing to know is that God’s plan is to save everyone. There is nothing exclusive about this Way. In fact, it’s incredibly inclusive and is practiced by Muslims, Wiccans, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and those who have referred to themselves as atheists or agnostics. Some may simply call themselves Steps Students. There’s no contract to sign, no one to report into, only the relationship between you and God.

The Steps to Knowledge Vigil begins tonight as a live broadcast.

The entire book is free online at NewMessage.org/Steps




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