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It is Spoken…


The word of God comes through in a pure form, using the body and mind of a well-prepared human being as its vessel. It is transmitted, it is spoken, it is written. In ancient times you can envision a few faithful, gathered around the prophet, painstakingly documenting guidelines for a future that has been unlike the past. In these times, we can hit the record button, as the dedicated wife of a Messenger from God describes here.

Though who can be prepared for what comes next? The moment something pure comes into the world, it is at risk of entering into the very human, ambition-ridden, albeit well-intentioned peoples of a planet. It is gifted into the hands of those carrying a bitterness from religions in the past. It greets the ears of a young man who has only known Buddha. Somewhere, a woman in an isolated region finds the latest word of God, holds it close to her heart, and knows that sharing this with others could mean death. Elsewhere, another person hears the recording of The Initiation, and feels the call to action. Perhaps someone discovers God has spoken again, and can only agree with this if it means it makes him, too, a Messenger. Messages have always been met with these conditions and more.

The Death of a Prophet…

I am reading a book called After the Prophet, which tells an epic story of what happens after Muhammad’s death. So there are two things we are dealing with here, that I see- what happens when the original Messenger is gone, and what happens when the Voice of God touches down in the world. The message this carries for me, is that the people of a new revelation  have a lot of responsibility in the matter.

In After the Prophet, not one character in the story seems to contest the idea of one God, one Messenger. However, battle ensues to protect ideas. Blood is shed, and divides families and regions. Men attempt to carry on what the Messenger started, and most often with the declaration that they have been appointed by God. As I am in my early days of even understanding the life of Muhammad, please respect my minimal understanding of the life of this Messenger, and take my writing as merely a beginner’s observations.

What I continue to observe here, is that ambition and desire can be so strong, to pull us away from the original love and patience of God’s work in the world.

To be a student means you are not a master and you cannot take this Teaching and try to make money with it or do something with it or use it to be significant in the eyes of others. Whatever ambitions may exist, even unknowingly within you, will be flushed out over time.  – New Message from God Wikipedia

The Great Misunderstanding of “The Seal of the Prophet”

It was the final word, the final Messenger, for that time. The words of the bible and the Quran have been chronically misunderstood to mean that God will not speak again.

Never think that God has stopped communicating to the world. Never think that the final Message for all time has been given. This is human presumption. This is established to protect a belief and an ideology. –How God Speaks to the World


You will hear people proclaim that there can be no new prophet in the world. You will hear people say that Jesus was the only prophet. You will hear people say that Muhammad was the last prophet. There could be no more prophets. But this is ignorant and out of touch. This is saying that God has lost interest in the world and will send no further messages here to support humanity in its great needs. This is assuming that you know the will of God and the plan of God. It is this human presumption and assumption that blinds people and leads them astray. –Supporting the New Message from God

How can we best preserve and protect a New Revelation?

At some point after being struck by the reality that there IS a New Message from God in the world- after a long period of feeling that this message was for my personal growth only- I recognized that this has fallen upon my ears and eyes so that I may take care of it. I am a mother and a protector of a pure religion. I am not to teach it, explain it, interpret it, add to it, take away from it, or falsely represent it.

I think of the mistakes made in the past when God spoke. Despite the expected and frequent errors of the people, a few followers did communicate the original words. The Message was different then, as was its purpose and the needs of the world. I am listening for these new instructions, as God speaks to the clashing of religious ideology in the world, to alien intervention, to dangerous climate changes- all leading to the movement of people into physical and emotional territory they have never encountered.

May we consider our roles, and question even the smallest urge to take the Voice of God and put our ambitions behind it. May we forgive ourselves when we do- because we will. May we also remember where we have been before, and hold the compassion and patience that God would hold for those who err in the face of new thresholds.

2 thoughts on “After God Speaks

  1. So much going on here, Ms. Jane. Thank you. Uncharted territory, indeed, emotional and mental dark areas in our experience. Mistakes are bound to occur. Who can keep going despite setbacks and continue to respond, and assume responsibility?

    This spoke to me, “I am a mother and a protector of a pure religion.” What a personal revelation that is! Wow. That’s what parent experiences: the terrifying realization that you’re suddenly responsible for something VERY important and you don’t have much confidence you can pull it off. Along the way, mistakes are made, tears are shed and wisdom grows as you become a parent. You never stop being a parent and you never feel fully confident in your ability to respond to new and uncharted challenges. And yet, the needs of the child never stop. The needs of life never stop. We must keep responding, keep moving forward any way we can…

  2. Thank you for the invigorating words of wisdom. I too am learning much about myself after many years of going thru denial, due to protective parents, and then many years of learning about the hardships of relationships, and now dealing with the healing of relationships, and re-estabilshing my understanding of everything around me.

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