The Will of God in the World

Marshall Vian Summers speaks to the need of all of us to find our destined relationships and purpose in the world. Like the teachings of the New Message itself which are comprised of the voice of God, Marshall has a way of speaking to the world and the individual all at once. Perhaps if you’ve watched a video of him before you feel like he is speaking to your need of the moment. Perhaps this is a requirement of a Messenger?

Here, he discusses our primary relationship with God and the will of God that we do what we were sent here to do, answering the restless need of the soul to enter into destined relationships while we are here.

The emphasis here is for you to reach that vantage point where you can see your relationship with God and with yourself clearly while you are in the world. – The Voice of God speaking through Marshall Vian Summers

In another recent teaching Marshall points out in good humor that he knows we want to hear about relationships because we are “inordinately interested” in relationships. Yes, it’s true, because alone we can do nothing and also because the world presents many confusing representations of true love and partnership. He suggests we start with our most primary relationship, which may determine how far we can go with another.

And what constitutes a true partnership anyway?

Hear more from Marshall here.

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The Power of God’s Voice in Your Life

The Messenger’s Vigil has begun in Boulder, Colorado as a man who has received the voice of God for over 34 years speaks to the world through live broadcast (video below). He spoke this opening night on the deeper stirring and calling to awaken to the spiritual power of “Knowledge” that many people are feeling around the world. This divine calling reaches around the world to people of all religions and of now religion, calling on people who are future-connected and to prepare to become contributors to humanity as we face the great evolutionary needs of our time. It is a reminder that we have access to the power of God in our own lives and can reflect about our connection to God’s calling as we learn about the Messenger’s life. He stressed personal responsibility rather than simply waiting to be guided

“Here you are not merely being led, you have to be the person on the ground who carries out the mission, both inspired and worldly-wise, with one foot on each shore, realistically in the world and deeply connected beyond.”

~ Marshall Vian Summers

The Messenger’s Vigil is a worldwide broadcast event honoring the arrival of the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, his life and journey and the gift he presents from the Creator: The universal spiritual pathway, Steps to Knowledge, and the entirety of The New Message from God. This five-day event commemorates the man sent into the world to receive a New Message from God.

Across a long journey of many decades, Marshall Vian Summers has brought to us a vast, spoken revelation, the largest body of revelation ever to be received in recorded history – over 9000 pages of divine wisdom, prophecy and a new spiritual practice to guide humanity into the next chapter of evolution and emergence.

To deepen our experience and understanding, a Live Broadcast online will take place every evening over a five day period at 7:00 PM US Mountain Standard Time at The Greater Community Sanctuary, with the concluding evening beginning at 6:00 PM in Boulder, CO, USA. For in-person attendance, please register at .

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Buddha and the Voice of God


Buddha is one of the great Messengers sent from the Angelic Assembly to bring correction, but also new opportunity to the human family. His gift was unique, and the time in which he was in the world was opportune for his Message to spread. – Buddha and the New Message from God 

His Message, much as the one of Jesus, Muhammad, and Marshall Vian Summers, was one designed for its time, and does indeed come from the voice of God, or the Angelic Assembly.

While so much of his teachings related to building one’s inner life, his demonstration did show us that God calls us out into the world:

The Buddha proved that you do not have to be an ascetic or leave the world entirely, for that is not the emphasis, you see. He had to return to the world and serve in the most mundane and often difficult circumstances, facing all of the tragedies and abuses of his society, speaking to the highest and the lowest, speaking to the least privileged of peoples, traveling with hardship to deliver an essential message that could begin to restore and redeem people, all who could hear him in his time. – more here

Listen to this message that speaks to the journey out of the jungle of your own mind to discovering the heart of your deeper relationship with the Divine. God has provided this ancient wisdom through each Messenger, as ancient wisdom will always bring you back to your source, into relationship with a divine purpose and out of the personal mind alone:

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Gratitude and Purpose

I dare you to stare at a flower or a leaf today, and think of this:

When it rains, go watch the rain. It is a miracle. What if it did not rain ever again? Your life would be doomed. Your life would collapse. Everything you value could be undone. Your opportunity to be in the world would come to an end. And yet it rains, and the plants grow, and the sun will shine tomorrow. -Joy and Gratitude

I remember enjoying the fortunate feeling of running into one of these guys:

…spending time watching one run over my hand while playing outside in upstate New York in the fall. I remember being able to slow down like that, and I am remembering that it is still possible. Such a creation, and one of many!



The simple act of playing outside was a way of reuniting with life.

It is the returning to gratitude and the ability to experience joyfulness, joyfulness over the simplest things—joyfulness that you are there, your heart is beating, you are seeing something, you are experiencing a connection with life.

On this Thanksgiving day in the United States, I am reminded of these miracles:


Full revelations from God’s new message for the world:

The preparation, the reunion with life:

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Spiritual Preparation & Suffering

A restlessness, discomfort — something that cannot be alleviated through a quick fix. The world is stirring, and from our position in the world, it may appear that “things are just hectic today” or “my anxiety must just be getting worse.” While the ways of this chaotic world will always be there for us as a symptom of separation, do you recognize a deeper discomfort that you must tend to?

If you feel restless, if you feel something is moving within you and you cannot get comfortable, and no matter how many pleasures and enjoyments you give yourself, you cannot seem to settle down. If this is the case for you, then you know something, and you are responding to something. And perhaps there is a sense of urgency within you that you cannot account for personally because you seem to have enough in most arenas to be a relatively satisfied person. – The Voice of God on the Great Challenge Awaiting Humanity

Marshall Vian Summers is not the only one who has said “When I do good, I feel good.” But having it plainly said points to the results possible from following a sense of rightness, of as it is known to many as Knowledge, we can do something about the pervasive turmoil in the world through our demonstration, by responding to those “musts.”

In this video, Marshall discusses the “jungle” within us full of influences, persuasion, fantasies, decisions. It is up to us to determine, with the strength of God, what is really important.

The New Message from God has presented a Revelation on Suffering from those who watch over us. There is a preparation:

God has provided the Steps to Knowledge, the pathway for making all these things possible. You need only take the Steps and accept the challenges and do the best you can. Rich or poor, east or west, north or south, it is for everyone who can respond.

In this way, you escape the suffering that circumscribes nearly everyone else. In this way, you gain the eyes to see and the ears to hear, over time, through many experiences.

Here your life comes back into its true alignment, its true purpose, its true meaning. This is how God restores you so that you may give something beautiful to the world, to others and to life around you.

Marshall Vian Summers and Patricia Summers on receiving ‘Suffering’ 

And what really is important?

The critical questions are: What is your destiny in the world? What are you here to do and how will it be accomplished? These are the critical questions for you, and these should be the critical questions in all spiritual traditions.  – A Guide to Meditation video

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Alien Abduction: A History of Human Denial

This kind of denial is endemic in the world. People do not want to know. Why is this? Where does this come from? Why does this tendency exist in people to such a great extent?

    –Human Responses to the Greater Community

Humans are much better at denial than animals. We have historically been resistant to accepting what is in front of our faces, despite consequence, despite reality. Could it be because of the availability of distraction? Could it be outside influences? Far too many people are attempting to do away with the word abduction altogether, and replacing it with something sweeter, more hopeful: “experiencer.” But does a kind friend come and take you against your will?

As part of starting the reality of contact in the face, a group of humans have created the “Declaration of Human Sovereignty.” Take a look:

Full Declaration here.

In general, we see what we want to see.

This is happening in the world today. Many people think, “Oh, the visitation from other forms of intelligent life is a great spiritual event”—something that will fulfill their ideals, something that will give them the sense of enlightenment, hope and peace that they are seeking in their own lives. Yet even these goals, which in a sense represent the true purpose of life, are miscalculated and misinterpreted here.

                       – Excerpt from Preparing for the Greater Community


The Allies of Humanity, an off-world collective of beings who have provided briefings to serve humanity in this challenging yet opportune time, have shared a “Q & A” as part of their discourse, since we are quite predictable and will often ask the same questions. So:

“Many people conclude that the visitors are beneficial because they haven’t already attacked us and taken over. What would you say to this?”

“The Intervention is not here to attack humanity but to persuade humanity. The Intervention needs a compliant humanity to work for it and to engage with it to become part of its Collective. This assumption that humanity would be attacked and overtaken is entirely wrong. It is how you view gaining access to new lands and new resources. But even in your modern world, economic, more than military, forces are used to gain acquisition to resources, and this is what is happening to the world regarding its relations in space. You are encountering small, economic Collectives who are here to begin the process of acquisition that larger nations can assume later on, if the Intervention is successful in establishing its presence and its power in your world. To think that you would be attacked is wrong, and to think that because you have not been attacked that the forces that are here are beneficial is wrong. Both are based upon false assumptions. Therefore, the conclusions are incorrect.”
This does not require much more be said, but it does require a deeper education at
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Looking up to Eclipse and the Voice of God

As millions of people look up to the sky to witness the total solar eclipse on August 21st, experiencing the wonder of our world’s relationship to our sun and to our solar system, a book of Revelation on humanity’s relationship to the Greater Community of worlds is being released, as also mentioned here in The Altantic.

Regarding this groundbreaking event, Reed Summers, son of the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers who has received this Voice for over 30 years, says:

Our scientific instruments can only detect so much, our scientific understanding can only grow so fast and yet we have an urgent need to know: what is this universe in which we live? How big is it? Where did it begin and where is it going? Are we alone? Who, or what, is out there? Is our world being visited by alien forces and, if so, why and to what end?

Questions… that science cannot fully answer but that God can. Who but God, the Creator of all life, knows what all life in the universe is really like and where humanity stands within this universe? Therefore, if a Revelation from God about life in the universe were to appear in our world, it should be read, considered, used alongside science to grow our awareness and understanding as human beings and allowed to reveal to us what must be revealed, so that we can live intelligently and wisely on this beautiful, rare planet of ours.

It is exciting that millions of people are about to step outside the narrow awareness of the daily human-here-and-now and have a greater experience of our Earth as it relates to our sun, our solar system and the universe beyond. May this be another mile-marker on the road to a growing human interest and awareness in the vast cosmos of life of which we have always been a part and which we are destined to enter in the future.

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God Speaks on Preparing for Contact

The Voice of God has spoken about our engagement with aliens – without using fantasy, hopefulness, or a general openness to anything and everything. No, we are learning to be careful about who has permission to access Earth and its people.

Contact with intelligent life in the universe is a world event like no other. It is the next great step in the development and evolution of the human family. It is unstoppable. It is inevitable. It is happening now. And there are people around the world who know this is true—that extraterrestrial life is a reality and that we are not alone in the universe, or even within our own world.

The Greater Community

You are invited to join Marshall Vian Summers, The Society and others from around the world in a campaign to bring Greater Community awareness and education worldwide.

Our world must learn that humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. Our world must learn about the Intervention that is taking place. The new book of Revelation The Greater Community presents the perfect opportunity to raise this awareness and education.

The Greater Community presents a revolutionary set of teachingsto prepare people everywhere for the great change underway now, and to provide the clear and uncorrupted truth about the reality of contact that is occurring in the world today.

Learn to how to declare humanity a sovereign race in MANY languages!:

In this campaign, you have the opportunity to work in unity with the Messenger and The Society to reach hundreds of thousands of people with this new book The Greater Community in order to:

  • • Alert people everywhere to the Intervention that is occurring from beyond the world.
  • • Provide a Greater Community awareness, education and perspective to the human family.
  • • Make available the preparation for our future into the Greater Community.

Learn more:

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Does Religion Evolve?

Could the religions of the world follow a natural pattern, much as flora and fauna on Earth evolve to meet changing circumstances? Does the word of God in Christian, Buddhist, Islamic and other faiths “keep up” with reality? This is the question today.

A striking statement about this can be found within the New Message from God, which claims to contain the voice of God, spoken through an angelic assembly of spirit guides:

“The religion of a millennium ago cannot be effective in the modern world without changing and adapting.”

Greater Community Spirituality

Simon E. Davies has said the following, paired with the “roadmap” image below:

“Religions develop over time as groups react to their changing environment and circumstances, as well as develop more scientific understanding of the world and their place in it. Religions are ways that large groups of people mythologize and give meaning to their life experience, and maintain a group narrative that can be incredibly powerful, particularly in times of adversity where blind faith can sometimes be the best possible reaction to difficult circumstances.”










That’s well and good, but let’s not get too intellectual on the subject. Where can the mystery be found? A metaphor is given below:

The Creator is bringing essence into the world continuously, but as soon as it emerges, it slowly hardens and calcifies into form. However, the essence is being introduced constantly. Think of it like this: It is like bringing fresh water into a frozen environment. As soon as the water merges with the environment, it begins to freeze and become immobile. The more that form is associated with religion, the more religion will be bound by form and the more inflexible it will be. That is why in the Greater Community religion must minimize form and all of its pageantry so that the essence may be constantly emphasized. This provides the greatest possibility for religious experience to be rendered, both to the participants in that tradition and to their world at large.

-The New Message from God

Photo taken from “The One God” Facebook page.








Take the view to a larger panorama, and you have this proposed evolution taken to a scale larger than our imaginations– the entire Universe and all of its intelligent life! Could this be a realistic look at the word “ascension”?

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