10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Teenager

Entering a New Year brings me a look back, look forward, and sometimes a look WAY back.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned through the Voice of God and some allies along the way, that would have accelerated my life at the time for the better. No regrets, only onward! But perhaps it can benefit another. Here’s the list:

 1. Your employment doesn’t have to be your passion.
The simplicity of this wisdom might have saved me from aiming myself at Reiki master, touring musician or art major. While that is meant for the few, my path needed some sturdy work so that I may be free to serve.Then the music can be a simple pleasure!

“Go work in the world. Do not seek a glorious position. Do not ask or demand that the absolute perfect job be given to you because, remember, you are just building the foundation.”   Learn more.

2.  Traditional family and marriage is an option, not a requirement.

If the inner voice within me would have been allowed to be heard, it might have overshadowed the pressure from all angles to become a wife and a mother, starting at a young age.

“The great spiritual leadership in the time to come will be primarily given to women, for this is the Age of the Women. Part of the restructuring of society is for this purpose, and it is happening naturally. Therefore, many women will become true leaders. The disappointment for these women is that they cannot take men with them. These women I speak of who have a true calling to be spiritual leaders, rarely will they be able to take a man with them.”
Learn more of the Age of Women

    3.  Every inappropriate sexual encounter steals your life force. 

What else could that energy have been used for?! Yoda would not be proud.

life force

“When you engage in sexuality with another, you are engaging your physical life force. If this life force is not shared within a meaningful relationship, it will be wasted. If it is wasted, you will lose energy and vitality.” Learn more.

 4.  Honesty is not telling everyone how I feel all of the time.

It’s called discretion, people. God actually talks about it a lot in the New Message!

“Most of what you think of as your need to express yourself is to merely offset your insecurity.”  Learn more.

5. There is life outside of this planet. But it does not play out like Star Wars.

“In this region of space, war is suppressed and outright conquest is not allowed. If a nation wishes to gain advantage and influence in another world, such as in an emerging world like your own, they must use more subtle means and employ other agents to carry out such an intervention.” Learn more about life in the Universe

6. God is for ALL life in the Universe.

This would have blown my Sunday School teacher out of the water, and me. God is not for this world alone! Not just for humans. Placing God in the “he” or “father” context helps keep God small and personal, but this is not the case. Read The One God

7. Knowledge (AKA God’s guidance) has always been available to me.

God is reachable. God is within. No need to go through religious figures, beg for forgiveness, or behave in a certain way to win this great guidance.  Learn more of Knowledge.

8. Even the kindest friends can be weakening.

Through the “Deep Evaluation” process I now know to discern who and what are necessary over who and what looks good. What if I had identified the appropriate friends as a teenager? Perhaps less drama, for starters?

9. Surprise! It’s not all about ME.

What a let down for a 13 year old who gets all her advice from fashion magazines, girlfriends and the occasional new age book. What I do affects others around the world and beyond the world.

“Unlike the physical environment, you cannot spoil the mental environment. It is an environment that is made up of thoughts and groups of thoughts, which are called forces. The mental environment cannot be destroyed, but it can become very polluted. It can become very destructive. Unlike the physical environment, the mental environment knows no boundaries in terms of time and space. For instance, if you have great emotional distress where you are, it affects someone on the other side of the world, and vice versa…. Minds are connected through a very subtle internal network.” Learn more of the Mental Environment.

10. I was sent for a purpose.

Me? Little me?

Your calling in life is very specific. It involves engaging with certain people for specific reasons at certain junctures of your life. The greater purpose that you share with everyone is to keep Knowledge alive in the world and to bring something from your Ancient home into the world.

Learn more of your purpose.

Dear Teenage Self,

You have something that no one can take from you, though there will be many distractions ahead, and many good reasons to give it away. There will be pain and great loss, but you have been sent to do something great, with simplicity and grace by your side. Take great care with the vehicle that is your body and the instrument of your mind, for these house the Greatness that you really are.

(Teenage self rolls eyes but receives words deep within)

Love, Miss Jane 😉


God Speaks on Space Travel

“The human failing I would most like to correct is aggression,” he replied. “It may have had survival advantage in caveman days, to get more food, territory or partner with whom to reproduce, but now it threatens to destroy us all.” -Stephen Hawking

On November 25th President Barack Obama signed into law the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act. The bill discusses commercial space travel and transport regulations but specifically discusses resource exploration in our solar system. That is, taking from space.

Questions arise for me here. Is the Universe really for our taking? Could there be anyone or anything out there that says “Hey, wait, that’s not how this works!”? Because, how do we presume to know how resources are traded in the Universe? Who owns what? Might there already be rules in place? Could there be (gasp!) things we actually don’t know about a seemingly endless galaxy?

I am concerned that the leaders of our planet do not consider the consequences–the great risk that this runs for Humanity.

The New Message from God proposes to us that stepping out to participate amidst established trade routes in space haphazardly is essentially foolish:

Trade and commerce are both a benefit and a hazard. They provide a nation with access to resources that its world or collection of worlds does not possess. Yet they carry great hazards because wherever there is commerce, there is influence, and wherever there is influence, there is competition. Here one must gain great sophistication and establish very clear and sustained rules of engagement regarding commerce with other nations. And there must always be great care that the risk of contamination is kept to a minimum or is avoided altogether. 

 -Life in the Universe, Chapter 4

This post from12313803_1157209497641343_8437320870067520288_n growing Facebook group shares a similar perspective from the “Allies of Humanity”, a group purported to have extensive experience with the long road to being a free and interdependent race in the Universe.
Here they spark a thought within me about those who are already here, doing this same “exploration ad discovery” to us. But what about our rights? And wouldn’t we be violating the rights of others by plundering space? Can you have respect for an alien life form? I know humanity is showing difficulty getting along from nation to nation. This will be quite a leap.

Life in the Universe closes out chapter 4 with this call to action– a call as I see it to a big picture reality:

This is a harsh reality, but one that gives you scope and wisdom. There are certain requirements you must achieve if you are to remain free and self-determined. You cannot change these rules. They are rules of life. They are the requirements of living in the Greater Community into which you are now emerging

– More on the New Message Wiki for “Resources” here.

May we be discerning in our large scale actions. May we ask the big questions. It is a bold act to go into space, and we may finally have public information that can be agreed upon regarding life in the Universe, but let’s not find out the destructive way.

God wants you to awaken to the Greater Community Prophecy:

Divine Intervention – What is the Role of an Angel?

If you’re like me, you have pondered the unseen realm throughout life, sometimes frustratingly reaching the limits of your mind, putting it down, then trying again later. Are they watching all the time? How many of them? Why? What can they do? Will I be an angel? Who gets to be an angel? Are they male and female? Is that even necessary? Do aliens get angels? Are animals watched? Can angels stop bad things from happening?

The Voice of God has spoken on this in every Message over time- Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and now the New Message from God. And not just in one revelation, but within many.


Below, I read they, surprisingly, cannot interfere. But yet– doesn’t that make sense? Wouldn’t we need to become self-sufficient and responsible here?

“The Assembly allows everything to happen on Earth. Unless their Presence is required and requested with the greatest sincerity, they will not interfere. Only at a great turning point, when a New Message is meant to be given to the world, will they provide humanity a new understanding, a greater awareness. And this will occur in response to great and potentially devastating change in the world. That is why the great Revelations are only given at certain critical turning points in the evolution of human civilization. They cannot be fabricated. They cannot be invented. They cannot even be imagined, though many people have tried, of course.”  –The Assembly

A similar sentiment has stuck within Buddhism:

Devas normally do not interfere in human affairs, but as Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das notes, they have been known to rejoice, applaud, and rain down flowers for good deeds performed in the world. In Thailand, it is believed that devas approve of people meditating and will harass people of whose behavior they don’t approve.



The New Message from God also talks about everyone being surrounded and protected by the love and the grace of God. Everyone! In the Quran below, the following verse refers to the plethora of God’s angels that we have available to us.

Remember thou saidst to the Faithful: “Is it not enough for you that Allah should help you with three thousand angels (Specially) sent down? (Surah Al-Imran, 124)- Quaranindex.net

But historically this is hard to accept, especially for those of us who have difficulty receiving that kind of love, or feeling worthy in the eyes of God….or if we want to figure all of this out with our intellect, like many Christian scholars:

Many people today are interested in guardian angels and whether or not the Bible teaches that God assigns every person, or every believer, a guardian angel. While some Bible verses seem to suggest special angelic assignments to individuals (e.g. Matt. 18:10), and churches (e.g. Rev. 2-3) and nations (e.g. Dan. 10:21), most scholars reject the idea that there is an angel assigned to every person.


But let go of the intellect, suspend it for a moment, and:

“In order to enter into holy union with your Teachers, you must share your Teachers’ greatness, thus releasing you from the debilitating ideas and self-doubts that have been the context in which you have tried to organize and direct your affairs and establish your life in exile.”

Secrets of Heaven from New Message Wiki

And what are they doing, again?

“The Unseen Ones are with you. They are watching you. And they are assisting you by strengthening Knowledge and your awareness and desire for Knowledge.”


What I’m hearing here is that the Angelic realm needs you to be with them and not be passive. They need you to let go of a lot, and be responsible and careful. They will not intervene and are not worried about you in the same way that you worry.

And oh yes, aliens have angels. That’s different from “aliens are angels” by the way. It seems all sentient beings who live in the physical realm of any and every world have been assigned angels.

“God has assigned to each world where sentient beings live or have colonized a force of redemption for these nations and groups of individuals. In worlds such as yours, which are largely inhabited, where there is a great diversity and complexity of life, this Angelic Presence has many different levels of expression and different levels of service. Yet its overall purpose is to oversee the progress and the well-being of humanity.”

Of course, there are just more questions now than answers.

May we live with the questions, be with Knowledge, and learn of the Great Love that is available to us, and our role with those who oversee.

May we listen to the Voice of God. The audio is available here for The Assembly.



After God Speaks

It is Spoken…


The word of God comes through in a pure form, using the body and mind of a well-prepared human being as its vessel. It is transmitted, it is spoken, it is written. In ancient times you can envision a few faithful, gathered around the prophet, painstakingly documenting guidelines for a future that has been unlike the past. In these times, we can hit the record button, as the dedicated wife of a Messenger from God describes here.

Though who can be prepared for what comes next? The moment something pure comes into the world, it is at risk of entering into the very human, ambition-ridden, albeit well-intentioned peoples of a planet. It is gifted into the hands of those carrying a bitterness from religions in the past. It greets the ears of a young man who has only known Buddha. Somewhere, a woman in an isolated region finds the latest word of God, holds it close to her heart, and knows that sharing this with others could mean death. Elsewhere, another person hears the recording of The Initiation, and feels the call to action. Perhaps someone discovers God has spoken again, and can only agree with this if it means it makes him, too, a Messenger. Messages have always been met with these conditions and more.

The Death of a Prophet…

I am reading a book called After the Prophet, which tells an epic story of what happens after Muhammad’s death. So there are two things we are dealing with here, that I see- what happens when the original Messenger is gone, and what happens when the Voice of God touches down in the world. The message this carries for me, is that the people of a new revelation  have a lot of responsibility in the matter.

In After the Prophet, not one character in the story seems to contest the idea of one God, one Messenger. However, battle ensues to protect ideas. Blood is shed, and divides families and regions. Men attempt to carry on what the Messenger started, and most often with the declaration that they have been appointed by God. As I am in my early days of even understanding the life of Muhammad, please respect my minimal understanding of the life of this Messenger, and take my writing as merely a beginner’s observations.

What I continue to observe here, is that ambition and desire can be so strong, to pull us away from the original love and patience of God’s work in the world.

To be a student means you are not a master and you cannot take this Teaching and try to make money with it or do something with it or use it to be significant in the eyes of others. Whatever ambitions may exist, even unknowingly within you, will be flushed out over time.  – New Message from God Wikipedia

The Great Misunderstanding of “The Seal of the Prophet”

It was the final word, the final Messenger, for that time. The words of the bible and the Quran have been chronically misunderstood to mean that God will not speak again.

Never think that God has stopped communicating to the world. Never think that the final Message for all time has been given. This is human presumption. This is established to protect a belief and an ideology. –How God Speaks to the World


You will hear people proclaim that there can be no new prophet in the world. You will hear people say that Jesus was the only prophet. You will hear people say that Muhammad was the last prophet. There could be no more prophets. But this is ignorant and out of touch. This is saying that God has lost interest in the world and will send no further messages here to support humanity in its great needs. This is assuming that you know the will of God and the plan of God. It is this human presumption and assumption that blinds people and leads them astray. –Supporting the New Message from God

How can we best preserve and protect a New Revelation?

At some point after being struck by the reality that there IS a New Message from God in the world- after a long period of feeling that this message was for my personal growth only- I recognized that this has fallen upon my ears and eyes so that I may take care of it. I am a mother and a protector of a pure religion. I am not to teach it, explain it, interpret it, add to it, take away from it, or falsely represent it.

I think of the mistakes made in the past when God spoke. Despite the expected and frequent errors of the people, a few followers did communicate the original words. The Message was different then, as was its purpose and the needs of the world. I am listening for these new instructions, as God speaks to the clashing of religious ideology in the world, to alien intervention, to dangerous climate changes- all leading to the movement of people into physical and emotional territory they have never encountered.

May we consider our roles, and question even the smallest urge to take the Voice of God and put our ambitions behind it. May we forgive ourselves when we do- because we will. May we also remember where we have been before, and hold the compassion and patience that God would hold for those who err in the face of new thresholds.

15 Resolutions for the Wise

Hello All! Here are some resolutions from the Voice of God.

  1. Live in the Moment New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black backgroundLIVE IN THE MOMENT AND PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE. You are either really being in the moment, or you are not. You are either really preparing for the future, or you are not. But you cannot change the fundamental responsibility here. The New Message from God has been sent into the world to prepare you for the great change that is coming to the world. It is a lifeboat for humanity.
    Learn how to be more present.
  2. Prepare for the Future

    BEGIN TO PREPARE YOUR OWN LIFE FOR A FUTURE THAT WILL BE UNLIKE THE PAST. Begin with little things, and build from there—where you live, how you travel, where you work. Are these things going to be able to be sustained into the future? Are you where you need to be geographically? Are you with the people you need to be with? Are you doing the things you really need to be doing right now?
    Learn how to prepare for a future that will be unlike the past.

  3. Seize the Opportunity of the New Year

    LOOK AT THIS NEW YEAR WITH CONCERN BUT ALSO WITH HOPE, with confidence and with determination. See this New Year as an opportunity to mend the broken threads of the fabric of human life, to play your small but essential part in preparing yourself and others and indeed the world for the great challenges ahead and the hidden opportunity that they possess.

    Learn more about the opportunity of your Life.road20to20god20art_3

  4. This is Your Time

    THIS IS YOUR TIME, YOUR OPPORTUNITY. Do not neglect it. Do not overlook it. Do not set it aside for other priorities, for there is no greater priority than this. This is your time. It is a time of revelation. You are living in a time of revelation, where a New Message from God is being sent into the world.
    Learn how you are living in a time of Revelation.

  5. Have Confidence

    HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE THAT THE CREATOR OF ALL LIFE HAS GIVEN TO YOU, the deeper mind of Knowledge, the greater spiritual mind within you. Have confidence in the Knowledge that exists within the human family. And have confidence that with God’s assistance the human family can navigate the difficult times ahead.
    Learn how to have real confidence.

  6. Find Your Greater Strength

    FIND YOUR GREATER STRENGTH: If you have suffered with your weakness—you now have a chance to find your greater strength, and this will bring a certainty and a sense of security and direction that nothing in the world could provide for you.
    Learn how to become strong and discover true direction.

  7. Work Together

    SEE THE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER. This New Year will be a great one for humanity—great in the power of change that is occurring in the world and great in the opportunities it holds for individuals, groups and nations to see the need to work together.
    Learn the truth that nothing gets done alone.

  8. Serve the World

    SEE YOUR LIFE WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF BEING OF SERVICE TO THE WORLD. If you can recognize the reality that you were sent into the world to serve the world in a specific way, if you can gain this vantage point and cultivate this awareness, then you can see that this year will be great—a year of change, a year where many signs will be given about the direction that humanity must go and the difficulties that lie ahead.
    Discover your unique opportunity to serve the world.

  9. Look and See

    LOOK AND SEE AND BE OPEN—without fear, without preference, without hope, without despair—but looking clearly to see, watching the signs. The signs will not be subtle. Signs at the level of the world are not subtle, but you must still look for them to see them, for they will be missed by many people.
    Learn how to see without fear or preference.7498659644_d81f4e452c

  10. Watch the Signs

    WATCH THE SIGNS. HEED THEM. But do not come to conclusions quickly, for the signs must build as if pieces of a puzzle were coming together—signs of what is coming, signs of what you must do in your own life to prepare and signs of what you can do yourself to strengthen others and to be a force for good in a world that will be undergoing tremendous change.
    Learn how to read the signs of the world.

  11. Do not Condemn

    DO NOT CONDEMN THE WORLD. DO NOT CONDEMN OTHERS. Take that fervor and that emotion and bring it to bear on your own life and circumstances. The person who is doing important work cannot be losing energy by condemning others, and the world does not need your condemnation. It is already full of condemnation. Do not add to its burden. And do not add to your burden. You are here to contribute, to accomplish certain tasks in alliance with certain people. You must prepare yourself for this.
    Learn how to contribute to – not condemn – the world.

  12. Do not Judge

    DO NOT THINK WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SHOULD DO. Do not tell yourself that everyone should do this or everyone should do that, for you are the one who must change. You are the one who must climb this mountain. You are the one who must find your greater strength and your greater gifts.
    Learn more about changing yourself.

  13. Look with Compassion

    LOOK UPON THE WORLD COMPASSIONATELY. What is happening in the world is the product of everyone’s participation. Everyone has been drawing from the well of life, and the well is shrinking. Great corruption and injustice exist within the world, but you must look upon this and listen for the power and the presence of Knowledge, or you will be dismayed and discouraged. You will live in fear and anger, and your greater strengths will remain out of reach and out of mind for you.
    Learn how to build compassion within.

  14. Open Your Inner Doors


    OPEN THE DOORS WITHIN YOURSELF: This year is a great opportunity now to open the doors within yourself, to go beneath the surface of your mind and to realize you are living at a time of Revelation and that you have been blessed and called to receive this Revelation, to learn of it, to apply it, to study it.
    Learn how to open yourself to inner truth.

  15. Take the Journey

    TAKE THE JOURNEY IN STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE: The Book of Inner Knowing. As you take this journey, you will come closer to living the life you know you must life, able to make decisions to bring your life into balance and harmony and finding the people, place and purpose that will fulfill the need of your Soul.
    Begin the Journey in Steps to Knowledge today.

8 Universal Truths About Women

journal article 4

You know by now that women have been historically oppressed around the world.


But what might not pop into your awareness are the consequences of this, and the truths that run deeper than simply giving women a vote and equal pay.  I share with you 8 things that this planet would benefit from knowing about the plan for women’s ascension.




1) We are fiercely feared by men. Deeply engrained, but not too deep to undo, is a fear of the true power of women. It is nearly impossible to do some clear and wise thinking through fear. What has been the response to fear? Oppression.

“When we’re afraid, we lose all sense of analysis and reflection. Our fear paralyzes us. Besides, fear has always been the driving force behind all dictators’ repression.” -Marjane Satrapi, The Complete Persepolis



“Men have been so afraid of women’s power that they have denied them of their natural-born roles” – The Age of Women





2) We’re meant to be epic empaths. One of the natural abilities of women is to share and understand another’s experience. Below is a quote regarding the nature of the feminine throughout the universe of intelligent life, ready or not!

“In planetary races very different from your own, the feminine is recognized as being more receptive to the direction of spirit, or God, while men in general—in most situations, the male aspect—are more competent in physical or practical measures” –The New Message from God


This empathy has been drastically misunderstood and suppressed.

“Female empathy has a tremendous magnetism. Back in the Middle Ages they were being persecuted and accused of witchcraft. Modern ‘witches’ become opinion leaders, trends creators, or lonely meditative secludes, unable to handle the flow of attention and people’s demands.” – Sofia Siberia

3) Holding back women actually holds back the evolution of Earth and could be to our demise. The thing about keeping women’s power in check by the standard of men’s imagination is that no one gets to grow.

“If you’re going to hold someone down you’re going to have to hold on by the other end of the chain. You are confined by your own repression.”-Toni Morrison 

To continue to deny women power in leadership roles is a huge mistake for the planet.

“The world today would look different if women were allowed to ascend. It would not be magically wonderful. It would have many problems still, but you would have fewer people in the world today and would be better prepared for the Great Waves of Change that are coming to the world…. And there would be greater and wiser leadership within the realm of religion and spirituality.” – The Age of Women

4) In rare cases, women can become great seers. For women who have this destiny, it is vital to prepare.


“Seers, however, are a very rare role and require a very special preparation. If someone who has the gift of vision is not well grounded as a human being, is not strong in the Four Pillars of their life—their relationships, their health, their work and their spiritual development—their vision can be greatly misapplied and misinterpreted … There are very few individuals who can be seers and not all of them will be women, but these gifts have been given to the feminine in far greater abundance, and there are women today who are meant to be seers. That is their purpose.” – Seers


“A seer can know of things which are past, and also of things which are to come, and by them shall all things be revealed, or, rather, shall secret things be made manifest, and hidden things shall come to light.”- Mormon Women as Natural Seers, Ian Barber 

5) Women are never the possession of men, regardless of what culture will say. Women are still screaming to get the world to listen: “This body is mine!” in protests around the world against rape and other horrific crimes against women. That is where we are now. In addition to this, our lives are our own, our paths, our destinies.

“Until recently, in most societies in the world, women were considered to be simply the possession of men—a valuable possession, but a possession, something you could buy or sell or trade or destroy—and that is one of the reasons that human civilization has progressed so very slowly.”- The Age of Women72582728_020450883-1

6) One way to cultivate a girl’s natural abilities for her future is to separate them from boys at an early age. 

“Sexuality prematurely is damaging. It is preemptive. It shifts a person’s focus before they have gained a sense of themselves and their direction in life. And it is true that young boys and girls who had not had a lot of social exposure in this way later went on to become real contributors and successful in their endeavors in life.” – Quotes about Children


“In everyday life in schools, romantic meanings infuse some ritualized interaction between groups of boys and girls (such as ‘chase and kiss’)…Cross-sex interactions are fraught with being teased about “liking” someone of the opposite sex.” –Education and Gender Equality

7) Women are not meant to displace men in any way. Though it may seem at times that feminist arguments may be to push men aside and take over, this is not what is meant to be.

“I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.” – Mary WollstonecraftA Vindication of the Rights of Woman

“Nature expresses itself differently within different contexts, and while there will still be women who will be marvelous leaders of commerce and political leaders, and there will still be men who will be superb at being religious teachers and leaders, there is a natural orientation that gives the feminine, the woman, the advantage.” – The New Message from God

8) A woman’s role may be to fly solo. Hard to swallow? Below is one of the heaviest statements I have ever read, but an undeniable Universal Truth at the same time:

“The great spiritual leadership in the time to come will be primarily given to women, for this is the Age of the Women. Part of the restructuring of society is for this purpose, and it is happening naturally. Therefore, many women will become true leaders. The disappointment for these women is that they cannot take men with them. These women I speak of who have a true calling to be spiritual leaders, rarely will they be able to take a man with them.That is part of their maturity. It is going unchaperoned into a greater life.” – Wisdom from the Greater Community

“Not every woman is meant to be a mother in a household. To deny them their greater purpose and expression in the world is to deny humanity the benefit of their gifts and to imprison them. This was never God’s will and intent. Women were not created merely to be servants to men. They have their own purpose and destiny in the world.” – Religion and Politics



May you be with these realities about the destiny of our planet. We have long needed strong and free women in this world who decide to take the path that is most natural- one that walks to God. These women will never truly walk alone.


Is it my purpose, or did I make it up?

“Without Knowledge, you will identify with your mind. You will think that your mind is who you are. You will think that your thoughts represent you, define you, govern you and determine your experience.” – Greater Community Spirituality



When you’re in the middle of learning, it’s not easy to see your progress. Quite often, people give themselves a label mid-progress. You’ve done it. You look around, your human brain puts some pieces together, combined with some past experiences, and you whip up a decision based on all of that. Clearly you were destined for this job, this relationship, it’s all coming together!

You’ve just justified your current position. Good job.

Did you know that this shuts you off from the journey you’re on? I’m happy for you that you are aware of your greatness and all, but there is so much more than our plans.

You’ve heard the saying “Want to make God laugh, tell [him/her/God] your plans.” Well, whether you get nauseous with the word “God” or you consider yourself part of one of the world’s religions- Guess what?! You’re here, and you didn’t send yourself here with a blueprint of your creating.

“The answer is, who you are cannot be defined through thinking or mental labels or definitions, because it’s beyond that. It is the very sense of being, or presence, that is there when you become conscious of the present moment. In essence, you and what we call the present moment are, at the deepest level, one.” – Eckhart Tolle



Part of it is that we are uncomfortable with not knowing. We love reasons.

“You may feel quite insecure when you enter these states of unknowing, but in reality this is coming into the clear within yourself. This is being without resolutions but with an open and inquiring mind. This is not a passive approach. It is highly active because here you must be very attentive, very focused and ready to act.” -Greater Community Spirituality.


So your purpose is greater than you think.

Another thing to remember is that your purpose must relate to this world in a way. Why would you be placed here for a brief time in a body, if your purpose was do to intergalactic battle, or play with angels, or engage in mental fantasy or exist in seclusion? Simply said, it is sometimes thought that you have something other to do than be here now. It is a constant struggle to stay separate from reality. Who’s winning? Does it sound disappointing to you that you came here to be here? Were you hoping your purpose was a bit more magical?

“Everyone was sent into the world to be in the world at this time, to face these great and emerging circumstances. So to claim it is too much for you is simply to admit your weakness and to not recognize your responsibility to prepare.” – The New Message

It’s quite possible that Oprah gets it. Below, she mentions adds the word “calling” to the mix. Perhaps calling can be defined by what your purpose asks of you. It is something that requires an answer, based on the skills you’ve accrued by participating with your purpose in life.

“There is no greater gift you can I’ve or receive by honoring your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.” – Oprah


Here, the Dalai Lama discusses compassion among other things as skills to be with your purpose.

And one man’s testimony in Germany regarding his way of finding his purpose- I like this one because of his eloquence in speaking, combined with a truth that just cuts to the point- hard to argue with.

To stop labeling yourself, which is to stand up from the side of the road and continue following the signs, is to truly follow a path to freedom. It is a restoring, revitalizing way of being. This is a great life you live, far greater than you can feel with your hands or see with your eyes.

Come as you are, without definition.

The Seven Secrets to Hearing God’s Voice

God speaking to the world through individuals is what has kept the light aflame within earthly religions. Have you considered how people come closer to God – how they participate and truly hear? With some research, I have compiled the seven most successful secrets to hearing God’s voice.

Secret One: Release attachment from ideas. I have noticed that though I may carry ideas and past associations, hearing God’s voice is in part just listening below the ideas themselves. God won’t speak to your ideas- so allowing them to pass over like clouds, and suspending the intellect for a time, is key.

“You must become still and listen with your heart here. Your ideas will be struggling. They will be struggling to keep up. They will be trying to calculate and comprehend this, but they cannot, you see. For this is not a message for the intellect.” – How God Speaks to the World

Here is a video related to listening below these ideas:

Secret Two: You are not a passive observer. A challenging secret to hearing God’s voice is to be an active participant in the relationship. Can you prepare? Do you think God would want to give you a great request if you were not prepared?

“We can’t be passive, sit back and just expect that we will hear God without preparing ourselves in any way” – Soul Shepherding

Secret Three: Practice. Another secret well known to a consistent man or woman of God would be practice. How has the voice I trusted served me in the past? Looking at the outcome, was this God speaking to me, or my desires?

“It is by practicing, by reason of use, that we are able to discern whether what we hear is of God” – Seven Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

Seven secrets to hearing God's voiceSecret Four: Allow the mind to rest. Described below in a teaching of the New Message from God, we need reprieve to receive!

“Therefore, the student seeks to give the mind reprieve and rest so that it can restore itself and renew itself. This rest is needed if the mind is to be employed for greater things, if it is to be focused and directed, if it is to be effective as a tool for perception and a tool for communication.” – Parting the Veil of the Mind

Secret Five: An honest approach. I have been told that I must not be with a person while wanting from them. Well, I must not be with God in a state of wanting, begging. I do not know what to teach myself, and I do not understand my situation clearly, always. An honest approach leaves space for God to come in. It leaves room for the mystery.

“God does not reveal Himself to every casual onlooker who would take sacred things and play with them like toys. I have known some adults who treated the gifts of God as if they were just little baubles to play with. To please God and to receive counsel from Him, people must be both determined and serious.” – Pat’s Perspective

“True honesty brings about the ability to wait, the ability to evaluate oneself constructively, the ability to discern, the ability to not speak when that is appropriate, the ability to speak when that is appropriate, the ability to follow a Greater Power within you, the ability to abide with what is known, and the ability to avoid or step away from what is harmful or untrue”- Wisdom from the Greater Community, Vol. 2: Honesty

Secret Six: Accept that God may say “no” more than “yes.” God’s voice will not sound like you want it to all the time. Many people report feeling a sense of restraint that proves to be life saving.

“[God] will hold you back from many things. You are not used to holding yourself back, and that is why your life has been a series of dilemmas and even catastrophes. It is going to save you for something greater. But first, you must stop committing the same mistakes, making the same foolish assumptions, the same mindless decisions. You must slow down. You must stop. You must take time to practice listening—listening for Knowledge, listening to develop the listening ability, the intention and the capacity within yourself.” – Listening for Knowledge

Secret Seven: Time. Even if you follow all of the secrets, you have a lifetime of unlearning to do! Patience with yourself here is important. You will not be able to unlock the mystery of God’s voice, and you will not be able to hear it overnight, or even be certain every single time. 

“This will take time because you are undoing years and years of habit, years and years of preoccupation, years and years of self-obsession or the obsession over other things or people. You are counteracting your social conditioning, which is powerful and overwhelming until you break free of it. So this will take time and daily application.” – Listening for Knowledge

Blessings on your journey, and may you hear what must be done in your life.

To “Die Before You Die”

What does it mean to “Die before you die?” When you hear this, does your mind conjure images of near-death experiences where a light is seen- perhaps the light that illuminates your life and brings clarity, therefore creating a “born again” experience? Is this a Christian concept? Muslim? New Age? Is it a good thing? What has God said about this before, and what does God say now?


The Islamic mystic Abd al-Kader wrote of this. He said,

“There are two types of death: one which is inevitable and common to all, and one which is voluntary and experienced by a few. It is the second death which Muhammad prescribed saying, ‘Die before you die.’ Those who die this voluntary death are resurrected.”

Eckhardt Tolle directly tells us that this is “a secret” and all that matters, here:

“Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to “die before you die” — and find that there is no death.”

From these quotes we find this preliminary death as one that is 1) a choice and 2) An unburdening. It is a series of actions that we need to take to release ourselves from.. ourselves, apparently!

The voice of God now, through the New Message from God, says the following on this unburdening:

“God’s first purpose is to unburden you. This is the process of unburdening. Liberation from the past will occur as you engage with Knowledge because Knowledge is not oriented toward your past. It only seeks to lead you forward. As you can be led forward and find your way, then the past will become ever more distant and remote to you. The memories, the difficulties, the tragedies and the happiness will all fade. This will enable you to be more and more present in the moment, more whole within yourself and more open to others”truther-memes-remove-the-ego

This release of the ego can feel like a great loss, a great emptiness at first. A death of your ideas & former identity before it is replaced by a new one can be confounding. Who is ready to “die” like this? It must take great courage to stand on a bridge between old and new.

Is this so different than our fears of actual death? Do people not commit suicide because their ideas of self are not being fulfilled? There is a lot to consider here.

“As your identity becomes founded in Knowledge and not merely on ideas, speculation or beliefs, you will begin to experience the permanence and security that only Knowledge can bestow. As you realize that your true life is changeless, then you will feel free to allow it to express itself in changing circumstances. Here you will escape all fear of death and destruction.” – from Steps to Knowledge

I wondered what would occur if we did not seek this first definition of death- the stripping away. The picture of that life is painted here:

“It is when you stop meeting challenges that your life begins to wane and that the process of death begins for you. Whenever you stop meeting challenges, you begin to die. As long as you meet challenges, you will exert life, you will stimulate life and you will have life.” – from Relationships & Higher Purpose

You have seen this before, no? Someone who has stopped trying, whose mind has become rigid because they stopped stirring the cement?

Let this not be us, who seek to be free. The voice of God has spoken on the Great Unburdening over time, and speaks to us now as we prepare to face far greater challenges than simply our egos.

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