Buddha and the Voice of God


Buddha is one of the great Messengers sent from the Angelic Assembly to bring correction, but also new opportunity to the human family. His gift was unique, and the time in which he was in the world was opportune for his Message to spread. – Buddha and the New Message from God 

His Message, much as the one of Jesus, Muhammad, and Marshall Vian Summers, was one designed for its time, and does indeed come from the voice of God, or the Angelic Assembly.

While so much of his teachings related to building one’s inner life, his demonstration did show us that God calls us out into the world:

The Buddha proved that you do not have to be an ascetic or leave the world entirely, for that is not the emphasis, you see. He had to return to the world and serve in the most mundane and often difficult circumstances, facing all of the tragedies and abuses of his society, speaking to the highest and the lowest, speaking to the least privileged of peoples, traveling with hardship to deliver an essential message that could begin to restore and redeem people, all who could hear him in his time. – more here

Listen to this message that speaks to the journey out of the jungle of your own mind to discovering the heart of your deeper relationship with the Divine. God has provided this ancient wisdom through each Messenger, as ancient wisdom will always bring you back to your source, into relationship with a divine purpose and out of the personal mind alone:

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One thought on “Buddha and the Voice of God

  1. It is good to remember that Buddha was also a Messenger of God, sent for the needs of his special time. The Messengers all came to bring a greater reality and a course correction for humanity in their times. It is no different now. Marshall Vian Summers has received a Revelation from God for our time and we are certainly blessed to receive it through him. The world is in great danger and the Creator of all life cares enough that this amazing gift has been sent through the New Messenger. I do not doubt that this is possible. All things are possible through God and the people that have been sent into the world to serve at this time.

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