To “Die Before You Die”

What does it mean to “Die before you die?” When you hear this, does your mind conjure images of near-death experiences where a light is seen- perhaps the light that illuminates your life and brings clarity, therefore creating a “born again” experience? Is this a Christian concept? Muslim? New Age? Is it a good thing? What has God said about this before, and what does God say now?


The Islamic mystic Abd al-Kader wrote of this. He said,

“There are two types of death: one which is inevitable and common to all, and one which is voluntary and experienced by a few. It is the second death which Muhammad prescribed saying, ‘Die before you die.’ Those who die this voluntary death are resurrected.”

Eckhardt Tolle directly tells us that this is “a secret” and all that matters, here:

“Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to “die before you die” — and find that there is no death.”

From these quotes we find this preliminary death as one that is 1) a choice and 2) An unburdening. It is a series of actions that we need to take to release ourselves from.. ourselves, apparently!

The voice of God now, through the New Message from God, says the following on this unburdening:

“God’s first purpose is to unburden you. This is the process of unburdening. Liberation from the past will occur as you engage with Knowledge because Knowledge is not oriented toward your past. It only seeks to lead you forward. As you can be led forward and find your way, then the past will become ever more distant and remote to you. The memories, the difficulties, the tragedies and the happiness will all fade. This will enable you to be more and more present in the moment, more whole within yourself and more open to others”truther-memes-remove-the-ego

This release of the ego can feel like a great loss, a great emptiness at first. A death of your ideas & former identity before it is replaced by a new one can be confounding. Who is ready to “die” like this? It must take great courage to stand on a bridge between old and new.

Is this so different than our fears of actual death? Do people not commit suicide because their ideas of self are not being fulfilled? There is a lot to consider here.

“As your identity becomes founded in Knowledge and not merely on ideas, speculation or beliefs, you will begin to experience the permanence and security that only Knowledge can bestow. As you realize that your true life is changeless, then you will feel free to allow it to express itself in changing circumstances. Here you will escape all fear of death and destruction.” – from Steps to Knowledge

I wondered what would occur if we did not seek this first definition of death- the stripping away. The picture of that life is painted here:

“It is when you stop meeting challenges that your life begins to wane and that the process of death begins for you. Whenever you stop meeting challenges, you begin to die. As long as you meet challenges, you will exert life, you will stimulate life and you will have life.” – from Relationships & Higher Purpose

You have seen this before, no? Someone who has stopped trying, whose mind has become rigid because they stopped stirring the cement?

Let this not be us, who seek to be free. The voice of God has spoken on the Great Unburdening over time, and speaks to us now as we prepare to face far greater challenges than simply our egos.

Further reading on death

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God of the Greater Community

“You must think of God now in the Greater Community – not a human God, not a God of your written history, not a God of your trials and tribulations, but a God for all time, for all races, for all dimensions, for those who are primitive and for those who are advanced, for those who think like you and for those who think so differently, for those who believe and for those for whom belief is inexplicable. This is God in the Greater Community. And this is where you must begin.”

From Greater Community Spirituality