Divine Intervention – What is the Role of an Angel?

If you’re like me, you have pondered the unseen realm throughout life, sometimes frustratingly reaching the limits of your mind, putting it down, then trying again later. Are they watching all the time? How many of them? Why? What can they do? Will I be an angel? Who gets to be an angel? Are they male and female? Is that even necessary? Do aliens get angels? Are animals watched? Can angels stop bad things from happening?

The Voice of God has spoken on this in every Message over time- Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and now the New Message from God. And not just in one revelation, but within many.


Below, I read they, surprisingly, cannot interfere. But yet– doesn’t that make sense? Wouldn’t we need to become self-sufficient and responsible here?

“The Assembly allows everything to happen on Earth. Unless their Presence is required and requested with the greatest sincerity, they will not interfere. Only at a great turning point, when a New Message is meant to be given to the world, will they provide humanity a new understanding, a greater awareness. And this will occur in response to great and potentially devastating change in the world. That is why the great Revelations are only given at certain critical turning points in the evolution of human civilization. They cannot be fabricated. They cannot be invented. They cannot even be imagined, though many people have tried, of course.”  –The Assembly

A similar sentiment has stuck within Buddhism:

Devas normally do not interfere in human affairs, but as Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das notes, they have been known to rejoice, applaud, and rain down flowers for good deeds performed in the world. In Thailand, it is believed that devas approve of people meditating and will harass people of whose behavior they don’t approve.



The New Message from God also talks about everyone being surrounded and protected by the love and the grace of God. Everyone! In the Quran below, the following verse refers to the plethora of God’s angels that we have available to us.

Remember thou saidst to the Faithful: “Is it not enough for you that Allah should help you with three thousand angels (Specially) sent down? (Surah Al-Imran, 124)- Quaranindex.net

But historically this is hard to accept, especially for those of us who have difficulty receiving that kind of love, or feeling worthy in the eyes of God….or if we want to figure all of this out with our intellect, like many Christian scholars:

Many people today are interested in guardian angels and whether or not the Bible teaches that God assigns every person, or every believer, a guardian angel. While some Bible verses seem to suggest special angelic assignments to individuals (e.g. Matt. 18:10), and churches (e.g. Rev. 2-3) and nations (e.g. Dan. 10:21), most scholars reject the idea that there is an angel assigned to every person.


But let go of the intellect, suspend it for a moment, and:

“In order to enter into holy union with your Teachers, you must share your Teachers’ greatness, thus releasing you from the debilitating ideas and self-doubts that have been the context in which you have tried to organize and direct your affairs and establish your life in exile.”

Secrets of Heaven from New Message Wiki

And what are they doing, again?

“The Unseen Ones are with you. They are watching you. And they are assisting you by strengthening Knowledge and your awareness and desire for Knowledge.”


What I’m hearing here is that the Angelic realm needs you to be with them and not be passive. They need you to let go of a lot, and be responsible and careful. They will not intervene and are not worried about you in the same way that you worry.

And oh yes, aliens have angels. That’s different from “aliens are angels” by the way. It seems all sentient beings who live in the physical realm of any and every world have been assigned angels.

“God has assigned to each world where sentient beings live or have colonized a force of redemption for these nations and groups of individuals. In worlds such as yours, which are largely inhabited, where there is a great diversity and complexity of life, this Angelic Presence has many different levels of expression and different levels of service. Yet its overall purpose is to oversee the progress and the well-being of humanity.”

Of course, there are just more questions now than answers.

May we live with the questions, be with Knowledge, and learn of the Great Love that is available to us, and our role with those who oversee.

May we listen to the Voice of God. The audio is available here for The Assembly.



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