Gratitude and Purpose

I dare you to stare at a flower or a leaf today, and think of this:

When it rains, go watch the rain. It is a miracle. What if it did not rain ever again? Your life would be doomed. Your life would collapse. Everything you value could be undone. Your opportunity to be in the world would come to an end. And yet it rains, and the plants grow, and the sun will shine tomorrow. -Joy and Gratitude

I remember enjoying the fortunate feeling of running into one of these guys:

…spending time watching one run over my hand while playing outside in upstate New York in the fall. I remember being able to slow down like that, and I am remembering that it is still possible. Such a creation, and one of many!



The simple act of playing outside was a way of reuniting with life.

It is the returning to gratitude and the ability to experience joyfulness, joyfulness over the simplest things—joyfulness that you are there, your heart is beating, you are seeing something, you are experiencing a connection with life.

On this Thanksgiving day in the United States, I am reminded of these miracles:


Full revelations from God’s new message for the world:

The preparation, the reunion with life:

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