Looking up to Eclipse and the Voice of God

As millions of people look up to the sky to witness the total solar eclipse on August 21st, experiencing the wonder of our world’s relationship to our sun and to our solar system, a book of Revelation on humanity’s relationship to the Greater Community of worlds is being released, as also mentioned here in The Altantic.

Regarding this groundbreaking event, Reed Summers, son of the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers who has received this Voice for over 30 years, says:

Our scientific instruments can only detect so much, our scientific understanding can only grow so fast and yet we have an urgent need to know: what is this universe in which we live? How big is it? Where did it begin and where is it going? Are we alone? Who, or what, is out there? Is our world being visited by alien forces and, if so, why and to what end?

Questions… that science cannot fully answer but that God can. Who but God, the Creator of all life, knows what all life in the universe is really like and where humanity stands within this universe? Therefore, if a Revelation from God about life in the universe were to appear in our world, it should be read, considered, used alongside science to grow our awareness and understanding as human beings and allowed to reveal to us what must be revealed, so that we can live intelligently and wisely on this beautiful, rare planet of ours.

It is exciting that millions of people are about to step outside the narrow awareness of the daily human-here-and-now and have a greater experience of our Earth as it relates to our sun, our solar system and the universe beyond. May this be another mile-marker on the road to a growing human interest and awareness in the vast cosmos of life of which we have always been a part and which we are destined to enter in the future.

Learn more are NewMessage.org/Disclosure

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