Messages from God

Has humanity been abandoned by God? Were we created and then cast aside by God like some toy that’s no longer interesting? Are we some grand cosmic mistake? Is there nothing else for God to say to us? Were there other messages from God given through other messengers? Where is God now? Is it possible for God to speak again?  Does God still care about the world and the people of the world?  Is the Bible the only evidence that God spoke to the world?  If God spoke again, would I be open enough to recognize it? Could I hear a New Message from God? Would I be able to recognize a new messenger?

Messages from God have been given to humanity throughout its history especially when a new awareness was needed to move humanity to a new level in its evolution.

The Revelations … were given to help build human civilization and to provide people of different nations, cultures and eras an opportunity to gain access to the power and presence of Knowledge within the individual, which is the place where people can connect with God, can respond to the Will of God. But this opportunity in the past Revelations has been overshadowed by laws and control and domination by organizations, governments and ambitious individuals. – The Goal and Purpose of Revelation

Indeed, the past revelations are clouded by politics, mythology and ambitious individuals who sought to use messages from God to control and manipulate people, nations and cultures.

But God did speak to Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed. Each of them played a vital role in advancing humanity by bringing forward new messages from God.

Does humanity need new messages from God now?

Can new messages from god save humanity?The challenges facing humanity today are immense and unprecedented in our life-sustaining environment.

God sends messengers into the world when the world is at turning points. We are at one right now. The world is facing over population, environmental decline, economic collapse, violence on an alarming level, political and religious corruption and last but not least visitation from races beyond the world. Yes, extraterrestrial life. This has called a messenger and a new message from God into the world to help humanity face these challenges and because the former messages do not meet these unprecedented needs.

Never before has the planet faced the dual challenges of global climate change and resource depletion – both due to over consumption and abuse of nature by the human family.

Why wouldn’t God send new messages now? We certainly could use them!

If you believe that God cannot speak again to humanity, you need to be honest and admit that you really don’t know what God will do next, especially in light of our current predicament:

If you know not of humanity’s great need, how can you then recognize the necessity for God to speak again? And who can say that God cannot speak again? Even the great saints and prophets cannot say this. Even the sacred texts cannot say this. – The Goal and Purpose of Revelation

By seeing that God did send messages into the world through prophets in the past and that humanity is sitting in a very precarious position, we can open ourselves to the possibility that God is sending us a new message from God.

Experience this vast new message from God.

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