New Religion

This is historic.

Well, certainly it is historic enough that God has spoken again.

What does this mean for all the world’s religions? What does it mean for an individual?

Many people believe that God has spoken in the past. It would shock them to know that God has spoken again! The Revelations forming the basis for several major world religions  are now a part of our culture and perhaps taken for granted, along with the idea that God only spoke in olden days, in more primitive days when people lived closer to the elements, so it is very hard to take in the idea that God might have more to say at some point! And now, at this point in history, when the Voice of God has come to Earth—if you can believe that—there now exist devices to preserve the Revelation. -From The Proclamation

This changes everything. This brings all religions into a new light.  Is this a new religion? 

“Yes, it is a new religion in its purest and most uncorrupted form, where The Messenger is actually delivering the message to the people.” – A statement by Marshall Vian Summers

Here the voice for yourself. Experience the what it means to receive and even study a new religion.

If at first it seems strange and takes a little while to get used to this Voice, do not chide yourself for not being very spiritual. This is something so new to our experience—it has been centuries since the Voice of God has been heard.  Revelations past have been transcribed as diligently and completely as possible, and some claim to be verbatim transcripts of the word, and they do indeed convey majesty, wisdom, insight and understanding that came from above and took humanity to new thresholds in our development.

Here we can learn about engaging with a new religion, one that encompasses so much more:

“The purpose of the New Message is not simply to create another religion in competition or in contrast to all other religions, but instead to advance human understanding of its spiritual reality, its greater challenges in the world and its destiny in a universe replete with intelligent life.”

Surely great changes must be bringing about the need for God to speak to us again. This must speak to a need for preparation. Maybe we don’t know how to prepare ourselves.

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