The Power of God’s Voice in Your Life

The Messenger’s Vigil has begun in Boulder, Colorado as a man who has received the voice of God for over 34 years speaks to the world through live broadcast (video below). He spoke this opening night on the deeper stirring and calling to awaken to the spiritual power of “Knowledge” that many people are feeling around the world. This divine calling reaches around the world to people of all religions and of now religion, calling on people who are future-connected and to prepare to become contributors to humanity as we face the great evolutionary needs of our time. It is a reminder that we have access to the power of God in our own lives and can reflect about our connection to God’s calling as we learn about the Messenger’s life. He stressed personal responsibility rather than simply waiting to be guided

“Here you are not merely being led, you have to be the person on the ground who carries out the mission, both inspired and worldly-wise, with one foot on each shore, realistically in the world and deeply connected beyond.”

~ Marshall Vian Summers

The Messenger’s Vigil is a worldwide broadcast event honoring the arrival of the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, his life and journey and the gift he presents from the Creator: The universal spiritual pathway, Steps to Knowledge, and the entirety of The New Message from God. This five-day event commemorates the man sent into the world to receive a New Message from God.

Across a long journey of many decades, Marshall Vian Summers has brought to us a vast, spoken revelation, the largest body of revelation ever to be received in recorded history – over 9000 pages of divine wisdom, prophecy and a new spiritual practice to guide humanity into the next chapter of evolution and emergence.

To deepen our experience and understanding, a Live Broadcast online will take place every evening over a five day period at 7:00 PM US Mountain Standard Time at The Greater Community Sanctuary, with the concluding evening beginning at 6:00 PM in Boulder, CO, USA. For in-person attendance, please register at .

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