Prepping When No One Else Will – Just do it.

There are many, many people who have known things for a long time. They say to themselves, “I know I must give this up” or “I know I must change this” or “I know I must do this.” But they have not yet acted because Knowledge within them is not strong enough yet to overcome their initial resistance.

– Seeing Knowing and Taking Action, Marshall Vian Summers

The obvious time to get ready for worsening climate change and financial collapse is now, when you’re able. What a time we live in! If you’re fortunate enough to have the internet at your fingertips all day that is not censored too much, or a car that can get you around at will– you see where I’m going here — do it now before things get too difficult and restrictions have you acting at the last minute. 

It can go against social conditioning of living in the moment and a “throw away” culture. But the present is quite the gift. How can you prepare your family, your home? How can you stock up? How’s your health? What will you need? Medicines, eyeglasses? Do you have a water supply?

Here are some recommendations.

Here’s a Facebook post leading to a downloadable, free list of prepping ideas for food storage from a very experienced friend!

Marshall Vian Summers talks below on the “Great Waves”, pertaining to these changes:

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