Religious Movement

The voice of God is speaking to humanity. There is a new message from God in the world. There is a messenger of God—a prophet of God—who is delivering the voice of God into the world. Rejoice! This is a time of revelation.

Muslim Man Listening to the Voice of GodIn response, a global religious movement has sprung up. People are discovering the New Revelation, hearing the voice of God themselves, and engaging with the grace and blessing that the New Message from God contains. People of all faiths—Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Pagans—are finding their deepest religious experiences validated and rekindled. The Voice of God is breathing new life into their faith, into their practices and into their lives.

This religious movement is divine in nature. It is not merely humans gathering around a revelation or a prophet. Angels of Heaven have gathered, to transmit the will of God and to speak the Word of God to their Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers.

Beyond that, the New Revelation to Earth at this time is part of an even larger religious movement, the movement of ending separation that is underway throughout the universe. Intelligent life in many worlds is being called back into relationship with the Creator, called out of separation, called into service.

There is a great movement not only within your world, but throughout the universe—a movement towards resolution, a movement towards ending separation, a movement of redemption to discover the experience of Knowledge. This is universal.

The Voice of God

This greater religious movement, throughout the cosmos, is fundamentally about freedom. This is the movement to free minds from isolation and fear. It is a movement of liberation, to find the relationship with God and the deep spiritual intelligence within us that God has placed there. Wise beings throughout the universe and Angelic beings beyond the universe are united in this grand religious movement.

The movement for liberation in the universe is the sharing of Knowledge, the awareness of Knowledge, the experience of Knowledge and the wisdom that must attend the reclamation and expression of Knowledge. This is the great liberation movement in the universe that is going on everywhere, supported by advanced individuals in free nations, assisted by the Unseen Powers in the universe and ultimately directed and focused by the Will, the Power and the attraction of God.

– The Voice of God

Planet Earth has its own movement. It is a secular movement as well as a religious movement—a spiritual movement and even a sociological movement. Humanity is attempting to unify. The New Message from God is a part of this movement, in a sacred and compassionate way. The New Message is not seeking to conquer or convert any people. The New Message from God educates and inspires people in all lands and in all religions. It calls for peace, for generosity, for wisdom, kindness and love.

A new Religious movement from the Voice of God

Can you hear the voice of God?

Your history is nothing to be proud of. However, you can see in your history a great movement towards unification, towards world inhabitancy, towards solving world problems and towards humanity achieving a greater awareness, education and responsibility.

The Voice of God

May the Voice of God speak to your deepest heart. May it ignite a religious movement within you, and start you on the path from isolation and desperation to deeper engagement and service.

Think of religion as a Mystery and not as a philosophy or a political movement so that you can gain access to it within yourself.

The Voice of God

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