Spiritual Preparation & Suffering

A restlessness, discomfort — something that cannot be alleviated through a quick fix. The world is stirring, and from our position in the world, it may appear that “things are just hectic today” or “my anxiety must just be getting worse.” While the ways of this chaotic world will always be there for us as a symptom of separation, do you recognize a deeper discomfort that you must tend to?

If you feel restless, if you feel something is moving within you and you cannot get comfortable, and no matter how many pleasures and enjoyments you give yourself, you cannot seem to settle down. If this is the case for you, then you know something, and you are responding to something. And perhaps there is a sense of urgency within you that you cannot account for personally because you seem to have enough in most arenas to be a relatively satisfied person. – The Voice of God on the Great Challenge Awaiting Humanity

Marshall Vian Summers is not the only one who has said “When I do good, I feel good.” But having it plainly said points to the results possible from following a sense of rightness, of as it is known to many as Knowledge, we can do something about the pervasive turmoil in the world through our demonstration, by responding to those “musts.”

In this video, Marshall discusses the “jungle” within us full of influences, persuasion, fantasies, decisions. It is up to us to determine, with the strength of God, what is really important.

The New Message from God has presented a Revelation on Suffering from those who watch over us. There is a preparation:

God has provided the Steps to Knowledge, the pathway for making all these things possible. You need only take the Steps and accept the challenges and do the best you can. Rich or poor, east or west, north or south, it is for everyone who can respond.

In this way, you escape the suffering that circumscribes nearly everyone else. In this way, you gain the eyes to see and the ears to hear, over time, through many experiences.

Here your life comes back into its true alignment, its true purpose, its true meaning. This is how God restores you so that you may give something beautiful to the world, to others and to life around you.

Marshall Vian Summers and Patricia Summers on receiving ‘Suffering’ 

And what really is important?

The critical questions are: What is your destiny in the world? What are you here to do and how will it be accomplished? These are the critical questions for you, and these should be the critical questions in all spiritual traditions.  – A Guide to Meditation video

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