The Will of God in the World

Marshall Vian Summers speaks to the need of all of us to find our destined relationships and purpose in the world. Like the teachings of the New Message itself which are comprised of the voice of God, Marshall has a way of speaking to the world and the individual all at once. Perhaps if you’ve watched a video of him before you feel like he is speaking to your need of the moment. Perhaps this is a requirement of a Messenger?

Here, he discusses our primary relationship with God and the will of God that we do what we were sent here to do, answering the restless need of the soul to enter into destined relationships while we are here.

The emphasis here is for you to reach that vantage point where you can see your relationship with God and with yourself clearly while you are in the world. – The Voice of God speaking through Marshall Vian Summers

In another recent teaching Marshall points out in good humor that he knows we want to hear about relationships because we are “inordinately interested” in relationships. Yes, it’s true, because alone we can do nothing and also because the world presents many confusing representations of true love and partnership. He suggests we start with our most primary relationship, which may determine how far we can go with another.

And what constitutes a true partnership anyway?

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