The Will of God in the World

Marshall Vian Summers speaks to the need of all of us to find our destined relationships and purpose in the world. Like the teachings of the New Message itself which are comprised of the voice of God, Marshall has a way of speaking to the world and the individual all at once. Perhaps if you’ve watched a video of him before you feel like he is speaking to your need of the moment. Perhaps this is a requirement of a Messenger?

Here, he discusses our primary relationship with God and the will of God that we do what we were sent here to do, answering the restless need of the soul to enter into destined relationships while we are here.

The emphasis here is for you to reach that vantage point where you can see your relationship with God and with yourself clearly while you are in the world. – The Voice of God speaking through Marshall Vian Summers

In another recent teaching Marshall points out in good humor that he knows we want to hear about relationships because we are “inordinately interested” in relationships. Yes, it’s true, because alone we can do nothing and also because the world presents many confusing representations of true love and partnership. He suggests we start with our most primary relationship, which may determine how far we can go with another.

And what constitutes a true partnership anyway?

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Does Religion Evolve?

Could the religions of the world follow a natural pattern, much as flora and fauna on Earth evolve to meet changing circumstances? Does the word of God in Christian, Buddhist, Islamic and other faiths “keep up” with reality? This is the question today.

A striking statement about this can be found within the New Message from God, which claims to contain the voice of God, spoken through an angelic assembly of spirit guides:

“The religion of a millennium ago cannot be effective in the modern world without changing and adapting.”

Greater Community Spirituality

Simon E. Davies has said the following, paired with the “roadmap” image below:

“Religions develop over time as groups react to their changing environment and circumstances, as well as develop more scientific understanding of the world and their place in it. Religions are ways that large groups of people mythologize and give meaning to┬átheir life experience, and maintain a group narrative that can be incredibly powerful, particularly in times of adversity where blind faith can sometimes be the best possible reaction to difficult circumstances.”










That’s well and good, but let’s not get too intellectual on the subject. Where can the mystery be found? A metaphor is given below:

The Creator is bringing essence into the world continuously, but as soon as it emerges, it slowly hardens and calcifies into form. However, the essence is being introduced constantly. Think of it like this: It is like bringing fresh water into a frozen environment. As soon as the water merges with the environment, it begins to freeze and become immobile. The more that form is associated with religion, the more religion will be bound by form and the more inflexible it will be. That is why in the Greater Community religion must minimize form and all of its pageantry so that the essence may be constantly emphasized. This provides the greatest possibility for religious experience to be rendered, both to the participants in that tradition and to their world at large.

-The New Message from God

Photo taken from “The One God” Facebook page.








Take the view to a larger panorama, and you have this proposed evolution taken to a scale larger than our imaginations– the entire Universe and all of its intelligent life! Could this be a realistic look at the word “ascension”?

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