Voice of God

is the voice of god a machine?A recording musician knows the clean, strong sound that can come from layering one sound on top of another. Doubling, even tripling the vocals to really bulk up that tone and create a chorus effect. The vocalist can sing at different levels of intensity, and if it is done correctly, you have a powerful sound that is quite soothing to listen to.

The voice of God does not use pedals or turn knobs to speak to us, and in fact it is a sound of perfection beyond what we can understand. But it follows this layering concept of many voices spoken as one.

And this voice of God, instead of coming through different channels and needing some auto tuning and tweaking, comes purely through a chosen human being for the planet.

“The Voice you are hearing is not of one individual, but of the Angelic Host together, speaking together, with one Voice.” -The Voice of Revelation

And here, in our time, we have the gift of the angels speaking, almost singing us back into life. We have have been sung to sleep by the movement of the world- it’s dizzying persuasions and pleasures, ideas and ambition-filled notion. God speaks now, so that we may come into our true being.

Coming through Marshall Vian Summers, he as God’s carefully prepared instrument, we have a chorus that requires our attention. If we listen, we can hear layers of profound lessons on the stillness, discretion, necessary actions and careful preparation required for the dawning of a new age for humanity.

Below, God speaks on the religions of our world.

The voice of God is telling us about the relationships we most desire and need. It is telling us of the reality behind spacecrafts seen flying overhead all around the world. It is helping us learn to listen to the power within us. God is even speaking on women coming into their fully realized selves- and the message on this is big.Freedom.jpg

There is a lot to be heard here. Receive this message, as it comes to your heart in harmonic waves, through the greatest love possible.

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